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Donald and Linda Raspet Fellowship Seminar: "Synthesis of methyl-naphthalene based chiral sulfoxide ligands"Presented by Courtney Miller

Donald and Linda Raspet Fellowship Seminar:... 9/28/17 11am

ABSTRACT: The purpose of this project is to synthesize chiral tetradentate aminosulfoxide ligands that contain substituted S-naphthyl groups. The...

Understanding Significant Figures

Understanding Significant Figures 10/5/17 3pm

Tired of losing points when you get the right answer because of your sig figs? Learn how to identify what numbers are significant and apply this to...

Problem Solving and Conversions

Problem Solving and Conversions 10/12/17 3pm

If Johnny has 10 apples, how fast does an atom fall on Mars? Don’t let word problems confuse you! Come to this workshop to learn how to problem solve and...

Career Center Satellite Hours - Smith Hall

Career Center Satellite Hours - Smith Hall 10/16/17 12:30pm

The Career Center is coming to you! Stop by the Smith Hall, 2nd floor lobby for a resume critique, job search assistance, help with Handshake, or other quick...

Writing Lab Reports

Writing Lab Reports 10/19/17 3pm

Lab reports can be overwhelming and it’s often easy to get lost in the data. This workshop will teach techniques for applying your data to the big picture...

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x+y=science 9/21/2017

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