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The James Webb Space Telescope Prelaunch - "Planetarium Show"

Different Location:  Commons Area of the Science Complex 2nd Floor

Presenter:     Mr. Christian Ready, Towson University.

Abstract:    After 20 years of development, the James Webb Space Telescope will launch on the morning of December 18!  Webb is largest and most complex observatory ever flown, and will reveal our most detailed look at extrasolar planets, the development of forming stars, and the most distant look at the first galaxies ever to form in the Universe.  Join us on the eve of this historic launch as we learn more about Webb, and how astronomers at Towson University will use Webb to understand the Universe like never before.

Friday, December 17, 2021 at 7:30pm

Science Complex, Commons Arae on 2nd Floor
7801 York Rd Towson MD 21252

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