Events at Towson University


Friday, May 8

Virtual: PCC Mentoring Sessions

Virtual: PCC Mentoring Sessions 8am

The TU Public Communication Center (PCC) is offering virtual mentoring sessions for TU students on desktop and mobile platforms. The PCC mentors are able to...

Asia North 2020 Exhibition

Asia North 2020 Exhibition 10am

Asia North 2020: Tradition-Memory-Transformation Launches online May 8 at Twenty-five regional Asian and Asian American...

Virtual: Trauma & Resilience

Virtual: Trauma & Resilience 11am

Hosted by Ryan Noel for Quarantine Connections. The Counseling Center recognizes the need for students to have the opportunity to connect in new ways as...

Virtual: Quarantine Connections: Queer & Quarantined

Virtual: Quarantine Connections: Queer &... 12:30pm

The Towson University Counseling Center recognizes that the past few months have been a time of unique stress and challenges. Some members of the TU...

Lets Talk logo

Virtual: Let's Talk 2pm

Let’s Talk is a processing space for all students to share and build virtual community. Sponsored by the Center for Student Diversity and Student Success...  

Friday, May 8