Events at Towson University


Thursday, May 7

Virtual: PCC Mentoring Sessions

Virtual: PCC Mentoring Sessions 8am

The TU Public Communication Center (PCC) is offering virtual mentoring sessions for TU students on desktop and mobile platforms. The PCC mentors are able to...

Computer with FACET name

Using Evidence-Based Techniques to Facilitate... 12pm

Interested in becoming better at facilitating class discussions? This workshop will provide an overview of evidence-based techniques and supervised practice...

Laptop with virtual meeting screen

Media, Arts, & Communication (MAC) Career... 4pm

Do you have questions about how to navigate your Media, Arts, or Communications (MAC) related career opportunities amid COVID-19? Join us for the MAC Career...

Virtual: Defeating Distance Learning

Virtual: Defeating Distance Learning 4pm

Hosted by Stefan Jadaszewski for Quarantine Connections. The Counseling Center recognizes the need for students to have the opportunity to connect in new...

Virtual: Generation One Support and & Networking Group

Virtual: Generation One Support and &... 4pm

A support and networking group for first generation students to connect with people who share similar experiences, share strategies to help deal with...

Virtual: Graduate Student Technology "Ask Me Anything" Session

Virtual: Graduate Student Technology "Ask... 4pm

Student Computing Services (SCS) is holding a virtual Graduate Student Technology AMA (Ask Me Anything) session on Thursday, May 7 to address technology...

SAVE THE DATE: Student Affairs Leadership Awards, Thursday May 7 at 7 p.m. on Student Activities Facebook Page

VIRTUAL Student Affairs Leadership Awards 7pm

Our student leaders are the essence of our campus, as you bring vibrance, ideas and advocacy to our community, and overall enhance the experience for...  

Thursday, May 7