Events at Towson University


Friday, May 1

Virtual: PCC Mentoring Sessions

Virtual: PCC Mentoring Sessions 8am

The TU Public Communication Center (PCC) is offering virtual mentoring sessions for TU students on desktop and mobile platforms. The PCC mentors are able to...

Virtual: Trauma & Resilience

Virtual: Trauma & Resilience 11am

Hosted by Ryan Noel for Quarantine Connections. The Counseling Center recognizes the need for students to have the opportunity to connect in new ways as...

Virtual: Quarantine Connections: Queer & Quarantined

Virtual: Quarantine Connections: Queer &... 12:30pm

The Towson University Counseling Center recognizes that the past few months have been a time of unique stress and challenges. Some members of the TU...

Virtual: Finals Test Strategies

Virtual: Finals Test Strategies 1pm

This workshop will go over strategies for taking finals including how to prepare in the days leading up to finals.

Lets Talk logo

Virtual: Let's Talk 2pm

Let’s Talk is a processing space for all students to share and build virtual community. Sponsored by the Center for Student Diversity and Student Success...  

Friday, May 1